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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The China Pavilion makes its first showing at the 64th Annual NBAA Meeting and Convention

The China Pavilion made its first appearance ever during the 64th Annual NBAA Meeting and Convention. The China Pavilion is a joint venture between Beijing Capital Jet Company Limited, the China Civil Aviation Report, and the commerce department of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. Representatives from all three parties involved with the China Pavilion were in attendance at the NBAA trade show. Beijing Capital Jet Company Limited. (Capital Jet for short) sent a small delegation over to the convention center in Las Vegas, Nevada, to check out the event. The delegation from Capital Jet consisted of 5 members and was headed by their General Manager, Mr. Zhao Qijiang. Also at the China Pavilion were staff members from Uniworld LLC, the parent company of the China Civil Aviation Report, as well as Mr. Landon Loomis, who was the official from the commerce department of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The China Pavilion also received much support and assistance from the NBAA organization itself, especially from the President, Mr. Ed Bolen. The role of the China Pavilion is to bridge the gap between China and the world, as the main goal of the China Pavilion is to provide assistance to businesses who are interested in entering the China market. The China Pavilion also provided information regarding the current state of aviation, especially civil aviation, in China, as well as answered any inquires people may have had regarding aviation or business in China. The China Pavilion held a press conference on the first day of the event to inform the attendees regarding China’s current aviation situation and to inform the attendees regarding Capital Jet’s interest in finding the appropriate teaming partners. The press conference was hosted by Mr. Francis Chao, the publisher of the China Civil Aviation Report, with Mr. Zhao speaking on behalf of Capital Jet in explaining their desire and needs. Capital Jet is a full service FBO located at Beijing International Airport, with its office just slightly west of Terminal 3. The company offers professional business aviation ground services and claims over 80% of the domestic market share. Capital Jet Co. Ltd, was incorporated back in May of 2000, and was established as a joint venture between the Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH), China Aviation Oil Holding Company and Beijing Tongda Air Service. The main clients for Capital Jet are typically heads of state, high level government officials, global Fortune 500 companies and business celebrities both from home and abroad. Capital Jet has its own designated special-purpose parking apron, a VIP lounge, and provides its own in-house customs, immigration, and quarantine services for visiting crew and personnel. What Capital Jet is looking for, are international counterparts to form teaming partnerships with, so that they may expand their range of services and strengthen their capabilities in planning, operating, and managing business aviation in China. Right now, Capital Jet Co., Ltd has some issues with the carrying out of some high technological content services regarding business jet maintenance.This is why Capital Jet is looking for teaming partnerships to help them expand their range of services, and to be able to provide a more complete experience for their customers. The China Pavilion provided the perfect platform for Capital Jet to get their message out to the international community, as well as a comfortable area for all visitors to relax and discuss business amongst each other. After the press conference that was held on the first day, the China Pavilion received a consistent amount of traffic to the booth for the remainder of the event. Mr. Chao was the host of the China Pavilion and was bombarded with inquires regarding China and the aviation market for the remainder of the event. The amount of interest in China was so immense, that after a while, reservations had to be taken to ensure that Mr. Chao would be able to answer the questions of those who had repeatedly returned to the pavilion only to find him consistently busy answering other people’s inquiries. By the end of the trade show, Mr. Chao had nearly lost his voice from answering so many questions, every issue of the China Civil Aviation Report had been taken by visitors who have stopped by the booth, and the delegates from Capital Jet were exhausted and ready to go home, so I think it’s safe to say that the China Pavilion had made a huge impact in its first year at NBAA. It seems that China is the center of attention for many of the players in the aviation industry, and with an economy that is growing by high rate each year with no foreseeable slowdown; it seems that China will continue to be a hot topic in aviation for years to come. With the amount of traffic and interest in the China Pavilion this year, all the members of the China Pavilion have high hopes to be able to have a permanent presence at NBAA in the years to come.
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