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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Phenom 100 Achieves Type Certificate From the CAAC

巴西航空工业飞鸿100 通过中国民航局型号合格认证


Not too long ago, the Phenom 100, an ultra-light business jet manufactured by Embraer S.A., was issued the Type Certificate by the CAAC. Guan Dongyuan, Embraer S.A.'s president of the Greater China region said, “In the recent years, Embraer S.A. has achieved steady developments in China's bizjet market.” The achievement of the Type Certificate from the CAAC is very good news for both Embraer S.A. and its potential clients. The highly visual cockpit, steady control performance and reliable system can meet the wide range of requirements of all of their clients, including solo flights, flight training schools and commercial operations. The Phenom 100 can carry up to eight passengers. When the Phenom 100 meets the requirements of the NBAA IFR Fuel Reserves, the aircraft can fly 2,182 km (1,178 nautical miles), that is, the aircraft can directly fly from Beijing to Tokyo or from New York to Miami or from London to Tunisia. The Phenom 100 is a business jet that has been delivered the worldwide the most in recent years. Since 2010, 105 Phenom 100 business jets have been delivered.

巴西航空工业公司(Embraer S.A.) 飞鸿 100 超轻型喷气公务机获得了由中国民用航空局 (CAAC)颁发的型号合格证书。 巴西航空工业公司大中华区总裁关东元表示: “近年来,巴航工业在中国公务机市场取得稳健发 展。飞鸿100 通过民航局型号认证,无论是对巴航 工业还是潜在的客户而言,都无疑是极为利好的消 息。飞鸿100 高度直观的驾驶舱、稳定的操控性和 可靠的系统能够满足不同用户的广泛需求,包括单 人驾驶、飞行学校和商业运营商等。” 飞鸿100 可搭载多达8 名乘员。在符合NBAA IFR 规定的备份燃油条件下,飞鸿100 的航程达 2,182 千米(1,178 海里),即飞机可从北京直飞 东京,从纽约直飞迈阿密或从伦敦直飞突尼斯。 飞鸿100 是全球近年来交付量最多的喷气公务 机,自2010 年以来交付量已逾150 架。

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