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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Flight Location & Data Recovery China Conference 2017

24th-25th Aug. Beijing

To improve the air transport aircraft safety has always been the working emphasis for worldwide airline companies. However, in recently years there are frequent flights missing and crash events happened internationally including: the missing of Malaysia aircraft, Indian aircraft. German aircraft, Indonesian aircraft, Swedish aircraft, and the Japanese aircraft crashed in mountain area, etc. also a few days ago a China Airline flight from Hong Kong to Chengdu has almost in dangerous of crashing in a Hong Kong Hill has caused a wide range of social concerns! Flight tracking and data recovery has become the major challenges and key developing areas for major airlines. In response to the challenge of missing flights, the international aviation community has done a lot of work to improve the global flight tracking capability. The International Air Navigation Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have developed aircraft tracking performance standards, aircraft tracking operation concepts to ensure accurate access to aircraft locations at any time;And developed a global aviation distress and security system (GADSS) as a long-term goal.


Under that background the upcoming “Flight Location & Data Recovery China Conference 2017”organized by Genesis Resourcing Consulting China and to be held on the 24th-25th Aug. will invite 200+ worldwide leading Aircraft Manufacture/Services Companies; Aircraft Tracking System Providers; Data Recovery and Analysis Providers; Avionics and Testing Companies; Satellite Communications / PNT solutions; Government/Association/Institutes; Software/APP Providers and Information Services Companies to discuss the cost effective, safe and autonomous flight tracking System, new emerging technologies of surveillance and communications, data transmission and recovery, distress tracking and rescue to reduce the difficulty of accident investigation and enhance the safety level of flight to meet the requirements of future standard system.


“Flight Location & Data Recovery China Conference 2017”will provide you with a precious platform to network with worldwide leading airline companies and aircraft manufactures and help you to understand industry developing trends, international flight standards, advanced flight tracking and data recovery technologies; and precisely secure your own position in the industry to meet future market requirement and plan your future successful business developing strategies!


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