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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

T3 and GTC Projects at Shenzhen Airport Pass the Completion and Acceptance Inspection



In late December of 2012, the projects for the main part of the T3 terminal and the ground transport center (GTC) passed the completion and acceptance inspection conducted by the Shenzhen Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station.

The T3 terminal of Shenzhen Airport's expansion project has an external shape like the manta ray, an aquatic animal with the scientific name, Mobula. The T3 terminal take up an area of 195 thousand square meters and the total floor space is 451 thousand square meters. The T3 terminal has two floors underground and four floors over-ground (five floors in some sections) and is made up of a main building and a cross shaped boarding lounge.

With a height of 27 meters, the GTC takes up a total area of 57.9 thousand square meters, among which the floor space is 24 thousand square meters. The GTC has 3 floors above ground. Some underground sections of the GTC are for the subway. The first floor is used as a garage and for equipment and facilities; the second floor is used as public space and the third is used as commercial area. The eastern and western ends of the GTC are next to the business region and the parking lot, with the T3 to the north and the planned aviation park to its south. It connects the underground, ground and above ground transportation facilities, the T3 and the planned aviation park with the subway.




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