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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Police Firefighting Helicopter in Commission for the First Time in Ordos



In mid-August, a police firefighting helicopter was put into commission in the Inner-Mongolian city of Ordos for the first time. The helicopter performed high-rise building fire inspections, and firefighting rescue drills.

The Kamov Ka-32 is a twin-engine helicopter purchased by the Ordos Police Air Unit for firefighting operations from Kamov, a Russian rotorcraft manufacturing company. The introduction of the Ka-32 follows Ordos Police Air Unit’s previous purchase of two AW109SP helicopters, manufactured by AgustaWestland, a British-Italian multinational helicopter design and manufacturing company, for rescue and patrol use in 2012. The Kamov Ka-32 helicopter purchased in July of this year differentiates itself from the AW109SP and other helicopters mainly in its load capabilities. It can handle a load of 5 tons of freight or up to 16 passengers. In its firefighting configuration, the helicopter can draw up to 3 tons of water from a body as shallow as 0.8 meters deep. It can then put out a fire by dropping this water from a helibucket, or by firing water cannons and fire-fighting bombs from its sides. The KA-32’s operational ability allows it to make up for the shortcomings of traditional fire trucks, which cannot put out fires reaching more than 28 meters high. With the helicopter’s versatility and capability, the introduction of the KA-32 is expected to play an important role in urban and building firefighting.



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