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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Enshi Airport Phase II Expansion Project Passes its Acceptance Inspection



Recently, the newly completed second phase expansion project of the Enshi Airport received an inspection in a meeting attended by the officers from the CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration and other related administrations.

In the recent years, the Enshi Airport has developed rapidly. In 2009 alone, the airport processed a volume of around 480,000 passengers and 948 tons of cargo and mail. As these numbers continued to grow, the airport faced an increase in the overuse and overloading of its facilities. Thus, the Hubei Airports Group Company started the Enshi Airport’s phase II expansion project.

The Phase II project is designed according to the requirements of an estimated yearly load of 150,000 passengers, 2,500 tons of cargo and mail, and about 15,363 takeoffs and landings by 2020. In this phase, the current runway will be extended by 250 meters to a new length of 2,600 meters long, 4 category C parking bays will be constructed, the ATC facilities will be retrofitted and expanded, two sets of runway visibility equipment will be added, and the routine wind observation site and firefighting stations will be relocated. In addition, water supply and drainage and power supply facilities will be upgraded. Once the expansion is complete, the airport will still retain its category 4C status and as such the largest aircraft it will be able to accommodate is the Boeing 737-800.

When this project is completed, the airport is expected to bolster the local tourism industry, propel the ecological tourism industry in west Hubei, and play a vital role in completing Hubei's integrated transportation system.





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