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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Xinjiang plans to invest RMB 1.7 billion to construct hub airport and regional airport this year


Besides an ambitious road and railway project, the CAAC has approved to invest 1.7 billion later this year to build the Urumqi hub airport and 5 regional spoke airports. The project is planned to significantly improve the airport distribution network in Xinjiang. On May 6th, at the "world’s most perfect ruins" -ancient city of Jiaohe near Turpan, Xinjiang Turpan Jiaohe Airport began construction, and is planned to officially be ready for use in May of next year. Besides the extension projects of Yining and Akesu Airport, which are under construction in Urumqi International Airport’s extension project (phase III), the infrastructure of terminals has been established, and the airport has entered installation phase for equipped facility including interior and exterior decorating, weather and etc, which is estimated to be ready for use in the second half of this year. Once the project is completed, Urumqi International function as the hub airport in western gateway, and become an important international aviation passage from China to Middle Asia, West Asia, South Asia and connecting Asia and Europe. According to the headquarters for Xinjiang airports construction, this year, Xinjiang will also implement new construction project for Bole Airport and relocation project for Kuche Airport. A number of construction projects will be in operation in succession and will push the Xinjiang airport construction into a new wave.

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