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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Baiyun Airport had acquired above 80% of the first batch of land for its third runway


The first batch of land, 868 mu in total, had been transferred from Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City to the Expansion Construction Headquarter of Baiyun International Airport, which is all the agricultural land belonging to Hantang Village, Renhe Town.
The entire transfer of the land for the third runway has been divided into three batches, in which the first one is 868 mu of agricultural land belonged to Hantang Village. The second one is more than 500 mu and the third one was more than 700 mu, which are acquired from Donghua Village, Mingxing Village and Gaozeng Village. The last two batches will be transferred in the next two months, but without any ceremony. Currently, Baiyun International Airport has reached to the late stage of acquiring the first batch of land for the third runway, and obtained more than 80% of the total area and above 90% of the total area of agricultural land. The land acquisition and resettlement for households for the third runway of the Baiyun International Airport are carried out in an orderly way and it is gradually reaching to the late stages of signing contracts and transferring land. The transfer contract has been signed for more than 80% of the total acquired land, in which the transfer contract for agricultural land is signed in the shortest period. Up to the 10th of June, the contract has been signed with 51 economic cooperative communities, covering 2,740.558 mu of agricultural land in total and 99.34% of the total acquired agricultural land. The agricultural land will be transferred on the 15th and the 20th of June in batches. Subsequently, the Baiyun District land acquisition and household resettlement team should take the major task to complete the transfer smoothly.

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