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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Guilin Liang Jiang Airport strengthens cooperation with low-cost airlines


Guilin Liang Jiang International Airport has combined the reality of the current impact from the international economic crisis and the comparative advantage of its tourism brand to further strengthen their cooperation with low-cost airlines, which has effectively boosted the development of the Guilin aviation market and gained concrete effects.
In the current international economic crisis, Guilin Liang Jiang International Airport has further strengthened their cooperation with low-cost airlines. First, it has increased the momentum of support and signed reciprocal all-win cooperative agreements with low-cost air companies which have been provided with preferential policy. Secondly, it has utilized the airports’ resources and gave more support to flight schedules. For example, the airport has all along guaranteed that airplanes for Air Asia take off 30 minutes after landing, which shortens the parking time in half when compared with the normal schedule and enhanced utilization ratio of aircraft. At the same time, the airport has made further marketing investigations and research, grasped market trends and development rules, and provided low-cost airlines with suggestions on expanding markets. In addition, it has also actively cooperate with low-cost air airlines to conduct wide campaigns, in order to boost the popularity and influence of their flight courses and schedules, and to attract more tourists to choose low-cost airline’s flights. Due to their efforts, the cooperation between Guilin Liang Jiang International Airport and low-cost airlines has achieved some remarkable effects. Air Asia has increased flights for the route of Guilin-Kuala Lumpur since May 1st which reached one flight per day from their previous four flights per week. The flights of ChinaSpring for the route of Guilin-Shanghai have also increased to two flights per day from their previous one flight per day. At present, these two low-cost airlines have three flights for the Guilin route total, carrying around 1,000 passengers, which has effectively boosted Guilin aviation market’s sustained fast development.

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