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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Wuhan Tianhe Airport welcomes its first Boeing 747 Freighter


A Boeing 747-200F Freighter imprinted with "Uni-top" arrived in Wuhan from Beijing. This is the first Freighter introduced by the Uni-top aviation company which has set Wuhan Tianhe International Airport as their base. Uni-top aviation company has plans to introduce 2 more Boeing 747-200F Freighter and 3 Boeing 747-400F Freighter in succession.
The President of the Uni-top aviation company mentioned that the company will establish an aviation logistics network centered in Wuhan, and will continually open international freight airlines from Wuhan to South Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia, Europe and America. In addition, Uni-top will vigorously improve Wuhan’s aviation logistics capacity within other places, input new energy to the building of the aviation economic zone in Wuhan, and promote the rapid development of Wuhan’s aviation logistics industry. On March 30th, 2009, the new air cargo terminals in Wuhan Tianhe International Airport was opened for use, and the annual cargo volume has achieved 320,000 tons; in April, a cargo apron parking bay more than 70,000 sqm and the by-pass taxiway extension project were also successfully completed and ready for use. Freight service capacity for Wuhan Tianhe International Airport has been fundamentally improved.

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