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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

First civil aviation airplane successfully landed in Yushu Airport in Qinghai


A Citation 10 aircraft went through clouds and mists, and perfectly landed in Yushu Batang Airport in Qinghai. This newly established airport, which is located in southwest Qinghai and is the first civil aviation airport in the Sanjiangyuan Region of China, welcomed its first civil aviation airplane. Suddenly, Batang Prairie became a scene of jubilation. 46 minutes later, a second Citation E aircraft landed. The landing of these two aircraft, belonging to the Flight Inspection Center of the CAAC, indicated that Yushu Airport, which is the airport with third highest altitude in China, has entered the trial phase before finally becoming ready for use. Yushu Airport is located in Shang Batang country, which is more than 20 km away from Jiegu town, the capital of the Yushu autonomous prefectures. The altitude of the Yushu Airport is 3,950 meters, which is a 4C level airport with a runway of 3,800 meters. Yushu Airport was officially constructed on May 16th 2007, and is the second civil aviation airport in the Qinghai Province. Currently, all the professional positions within Yushu Airport have all been staffed, equipment debugging has been normal. The airport’s communication navigation, air traffic control, weather, ground service, and maintenance crew are all ready for use. Earlier, on May 22nd and 23rd, an investigation group consisting of chiefs, experts and related technical staff members from the Flight Inspection Center of the CAAC, the Northwest Regional Administration of CAAC, the Northwest Air Traffic Management Bureau and the civil aviation supervision bureau of Qinghai, had made an on-site investigation and checked on the preparation work before the trial phase for Yushu Airport. Shown by the first test flight on May 29th, the aerial path from Xining to Yushu Airport is ready for use.

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