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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Yichun Airport passed flight inspection smoothly

Yichun airport smoothly passed flight inspections on the 26th of July marking the evolution of Yichun airport from the construction phase into the ready-to-operate stage. It is understood that a Cessna-560 inspection aircraft was sent by the Flight Inspection Center of the CAAC to conduct a one-week general inspection of relevant facilities ,such as the communication & navigation system, instrumental landing system, meteorological system, visual aid lighting system, and many other systems, as well as the standard flight operations procedures of Yichun airport. Through cross check of the individual items and the positive results, members of the flight inspection team were quite satisfied with the running of systems and facilities. The construction of Yichun airport was started in 2008 and is now a 4C flight zone with a 2300-meter-long and 45-meter-wide runway to accommodate the landings & take-offs of any aircrafts smaller than the A320 and B737 series. The size of the passenger terminal is 2,800 square meters, built to meet the needs of 142,000 passenger turnover by 2015. At present, various facilities within the terminal are now being installed and fined tune for the planned opening in September when there will be an inaugural flight route from Yichun to Beijing via Harbin.
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