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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Civil Aviation Market Management Ordinance Seminar held in Yinchuan


Hosted by the Civil Aviation Administration of Northwest China (Northwest Administration) and co-sponsored by the Ningxia Safety Supervisory Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (Civil Aviation Ningxia Supervisory Bureau), the Civil Aviation Market Management Ordinance Seminar was held in Yinchuan on the July 2nd.
The seminar was chaired by Deputy Chief Liu Wan Ming. Chief Wang Rong Hua and Deputy Director Chai Duo Shan attended the meeting and delivered important speeches. This Management Ordinance is a law abided act aiming to enhance the market management of civil aviation transport and to maintain the uniform, open, competitive and ordered civil aviation transport market in regular sequence as well as the public interests of the society so as to promote the healthy development of civil aviation. The Ordinance contains 66 articles in 6 chapters and covers the contents of market entry, management behavior, supervisory examination, lawful liability and so on. Before this seminar, the Transportation Department of the Aviation Administration collected various views and ideas on two different occasions from local administration authorities The Transportation Department of Civil Aviation will seek advice from main streams markets such as airlines and airports to conduct further and broad investigations and studies on the content of the draft.

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