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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Yunnan Airport Announces Discount to Waive the 4 Fees for the 1st Year


Impacted by financial crisis and the rise of aviation fuel prices, all major airlines are facing severe head-on challenges. From the 1st of July, Yunnan Airport Group Company Limited implemented the group’s promotion on the Continuous Development of the Yunnan Aviation Market Project by reducing airlines’ cost significantly for the commencement of new routes and for aircrafts to stay overnight in their jurisdictional districts or cities.
It is known that landing & take-off fee, parking fee, passenger service fee and security check fee for the 1st year of specific flights of new international routes or the reactivated international routes of airlines operating in Kunming airport will be free. 50% discount for those fees will be rendered for the 2nd year and 20% off for the 3rd year. In addition; the four fees for the 1st year of operation for new international routes in the group’s airports by new foreign airlines entering into Yunnan aviation market will be 100% waived, 50% discount for the 2nd year and 20% off for the 3rd year. In order to raise the proportion of international flights in Kunming airport, cost reduction for the increased international flights will also be realized. If airline adds flights on top of current international flights, landing & take-off fee in Kunming airport for the newly increased international flights for the 1st year will be waived.

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