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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Master Plan of the Nanning Wuwei Airport got approved


Recently the general design and planning of the Naning Wuwei Airport has been approved jointly by the National Civil Aviation Administration and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. As stated in the document, Naning airport will be positioned as one of the regional trunk-line civil airports of the country and will play a very important role in the civil airport deployment of the country.
2020 will be the year aimed to achieve the short term goals and 2040 is the year to achieve the long term goals. The short term goal is for the airport to meet the needs of annual passenger turnover of 15.4 million, cargo & mail volume of 164,000 tons and landings & take-offs of 125,000 aircrafts by the year 2020. The long term goal is for the airport to meet the needs of 41 million passenger trips, 426,000 tons of cargo & mail and 300,000 landings & take-offs per year by year 2040. Land-use is expected to be 798 hectares for short term operation and 1957 hectares for long term use.

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