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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The ARJ-21 will receive the International Permit in 2012


Ying Shi Jun, the Deputy Chief of the Aircraft TCB of the Civil Aviation Administration of China revealed in Shenyang that the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States will conduct the airworthiness inspection for the ARJ21 aircraft for the branch line flights. According to the concerned personnel, the China-made ARJ21 branch line aircraft will be granted the airworthiness certificate by the FAA by 2013.
Yin Shi Jun further elaborated that the TCB of the CAAC is building up an international linkage of airworthiness certification system by fully cooperating with the joint Aviation Administration of Europe as well as the aviation administration of Germany, UK, Russia, South American and some newly emerging countries to promote and support China-made aircrafts such as the MA60, Z12 and Z15 to participate in international bids. For example; the Z15 helicopter was a joint product of China and France with each owning 50% of shares, so the airworthiness certificates were applied by both parties in their own countries. In order to boost the export of the Z12 helicopter; bilateral airworthiness cooperation with Zimbabwe, Congo and Lao were established. The airbus assembly line in Tianjin previously administered by the JAA, is now also under the administration of the CAAC for the manufacturing process in Tianjin.

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