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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Air China’s half year net profit increased by 50%


Air China announced its sales forecast for the 1st half of the year and lighted the hope of the aviation industry of China. The report showed that the company enjoyed a year-on-year net profit increase of at least 50% up to the middle of 2009. Under the circumstances that current fuel price is lower than that of the same period of last year and to buy future fuel will further cut the cost down, estimated profit for the 1st half of this year of Air China will exceed 1.9 billion Yuan, which will be the biggest half-year profit earned in the last three years. According to Air China, fuel prices are down when compared with the same period of last year and the purchase cost will be further reduced to buy future fuel. Besides the fact that the domestic business market on the passenger side has been growing steadily, the aviation industry is expected to be in a better situation as the country has also implemented many supporting policies to boost their business.

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