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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

China Flight Level Allocation Scheme Officially Becomes the Standard of International Civil Aviation


China meter-based RVSM scheme becomes valid officially as the international civil aviation standard, which signifies as first time that the operation standard of Chinese civil aviation is adopted by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as the standard of international civil aviation .
China officially implemented the RVSM in metric level system at 0:00hr on November 22, 2007, making China the first country employing the meter-based RVSM in the world. Before our implementation of RSVM, ICAO had provided in Annex 2 a metric flying level standard,but none of the metric-base countries had put RVSM in application so that the proposed standard got no serious consideration and verification. Through China’s implementation and verification, it was mentioned for the first time that Annex 2’s original standard had some unreasonable flaws. After China’s implementation of RVSM, ICAO held a workshop to appraise tne process. Based on the widely collected opinions and suggestions from various civil aviation department worldwide, ICAO through 2 years of active analysis verifies China’s apllication of RVSM is safe and sound. So at the suggestion of China, ICAO debated, discussed and adopted the proposal submitted by China on bringing China meter-based RSVM into Annex 2 Standard of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. And ICAO decided to revise the flight level inAnnex 2 of Convention on International Civil Aviation.

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