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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Feasible Plan of Flight Zone Expansion for Nantong Airport Got Approved


The feasible plan of converting and expanding the flight zone of Nantong Airport got approved by CAAC in the end of last year, which brought such project into substantive stage. The construction is designed so as to fulfill the demand of Nantong Airport in 2020 to accommodate a passenger throughtput of 4.5 millions, cargo-mail volume of 75,000 tons, and flight takeoffs-landings of 50,000. After the expansion, the flight zone level will promote to 4D, which also supports the usage needs of Class E aircrafts. The total investment of the construction is RMB 572.95 millions which CAAC will arrange RMB 50 millions from civil aviation special funds to aid the project. The construction will extand the runway 1,000 meters, build a new 1,911 meters taxiway, add asphalt on currently exsisted runways and taxiways, and improve the relative supporting facilities and equipments such as airfield lighting, navigation, fire fighting, perimeter and patrolling road etc. Both Nantong Municipal Committee and City Government paid highly attention to the development of its airport. Terminal upgrade and apron expansion were completed last year, and the building of a 7,000 sq.m international terminal facility will be lauched this year. Currently, Nantong Airport’s cargo base construction is speeding up, Eastern Airlines’ Flight Training Base has been established, Shanghai Zhongyi General Aviation Company and Eastern Base of CAAC Flight Inspection Center are set up here. East China Delivery Center of Shunfeng Express is expected to set base in Nantong. Nantong Airport will become an air cargo base, an alternate hub for Shanghai International Airlines and a Flight Taining Base for airlines, which integrates with the pivot airport of Shanghai International Aviation as soon as possible.

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