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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Air transport issues across the straits brought to negotiation


Issues on air cargo between China and Taiwan will be brough upon for negotiation before the year ends. Taiwan fights hard to gain opening of regular flights to transport re-export cargo. The two sides hold different understandings of the previous deal made. Mainland maintains with the regulation made before that only import-export goods between China and Taiwan are allowed. Taiwan holds to international practice, that scheduled flights can carry re-export cargo. China Airlines and Eva Airlines estimated that the volume of import-export goods between Taiwan and China is relatively small. If transportaton of re-export goods is allowed, the volume will increase by 2 folds, which will aid the transporting cost competition as well as lower the merchandise’s overall cost for manufacturers. Other issues address include simplifying custom formalities for flying crews and accreditation of aircraft maintenance. Normally, international flight crews can travel on passport only without an additional visa. But crew members between China-Taiwan need the admitting visa with passport to enter everytime causing an increase of Airlines’ operation cost. As for the aircraft maintenance, the main purpose is to have qualified personnels to fix the problems when deem necessary in foreign airport. The issue, however, involves mutually recognize each individual government’s accreditation and makes it more difficult to negotiate.

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