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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

243 New Airplanes Will be Bought This Year Domestic Civil Aviation Starts a New Round of Speedy Growth


As being the 1st to rebound from the econormic downcast, China’s domestic aviation industry continues to purchase massively new airplanes. CAAC will buy 243 new aircrafts, but retire 46 used ones, making the net increase of 197 planes this year. Within the next few years, CAAC plans to add on 150-200 new aircrafts, and the yearly increase for the next 2 years would very likely be around 200. The huge market demand supports the speedy expansion of domestic cilvil aviation force. From January to August this year, the total turnover volume of Dhina’s civil aviation transportation was 26.88 billion tons-kilometers, a 8.4% growth from the same period last year. The passenger throughput was 150 millions, an increase of 2.55 million or 20.4% compared to the same period last year, making it number one growth world wide. Civil aviation industry, as the weatherglass of national macro-socio economic changes, reflects that a series of policies the Chinese government has formulated and applied receives positive effects in terms of domestic demand expansion and increase security. The strikingly eye-catching fact is that the passenger turnover of the regional airports has increased rapidly with a 26% growth in the first half of 2009, especially the western provinces show an even more increase. During the 1st half year, the growth increase for Tibet was 59%, 47% for Ningxia, 51% for Qinghai, and 38% for Inner Mongolia. Many small airports become busily active signifying the domestic civil aviation has entered into a new round of speedy growth.

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