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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

France and China Collaborate to Build the Civil Helicopter Test flight of Z15/EC175 Takes Place at Year End


According to the information released at the Xi’an International Aviation Forum held in the end of last year, AVIC Helicopter Co., Ltd. and Eurocopter manufacture jointly a 6-ton civil helicopter, model Z15/EC175, which is scheduled for test flight in France at the year-end. The contract for collaboration between France and China on such model was signed on December, 2005. Both parties share equally on the aspects of risks, investment, research and development, profits and markets. Respective production line will be built in Harbin, China and France, and the mass production of the helicoptor will take place at the same time. As it is generally understood, Z15/EC175 will fill in China’s production blank in the 6-7 tons range, promotes the series development of helicoptor’s production, widen its scope as well as enhance its R & D capability. Z15/EC175 has a broad market potential, and as projected, 800 of such helicopters will be sold world wide in the next 20 years.

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