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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Rescue Aviation Squad of Ministry of Transport Brought Under Safety Administration by CAAC

A few days ago, CAAC decided to place the fligh operation of Salvage Bureau under the Ministry of Transport and Communication into CAAC’s safety management. Such change indicated that the disturbing problems involving the flight quality and safety of the Rescue & Salvage Bureau got resolved, and established a solid foundation for further development. As understood, the flight activities of the Rescue & Salvage Bureau were non-commercial in nature; Administrative Authority of CAAC and Rescue & Salvage Bureau would sign a memorandum of understanding on safety management to confirm the important policies for safety supervision and responsibilities and commitments that both parties should bear in order to fix up any probliem arised for regulation application. On top of that, in accordance with regulations of civil aviation, Rescue & Salvage Bureau is subject to operation certification and continuous supervision and inspection by CAAC. In regards of the rescue squad needs to go beyond the regulation standards, supervision departments of civil aviation grant immunity in the form of operation standards. In allusion to the flight special features of Rescue & Salvage Bureau, Air Traffic Management Bureau and Rescue & Salvage Bureau will establish the long term effective air control regulations on necessary inland ferry flights and other supportive flights so as not to lose or delay the proper flight time for rescue at sea.
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