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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Modernized Establishment of Military Transportation Promoted by Civil Aviation Made New Steps


"Intensify civil-military harmony, speed up promoting modernized establishment of military transportation" work conference was held in Beijing on June 21, 2010. Representatives from civil aviation systems were invited to attend. In the morning, attendees listened to the working reports delivered by Qin Yinhe, Vice-Minister of General Logistics Department, and Zhao Zhanping, Minister of Transportation Department of Military & Director of Traffic Combat Readiness Office about intensified civil-military harmony that was mentioned in the report, the Central Governmnet has suggested in putting social-economic development with national defense and military construction closely united, so that economic planning was adjusted to incorporate perfectly with national defense planning; such strategic plan deeply moved the majority of attendees. On methods to raise the modernization level of military aviation transportation, representatives from civil aviation systems felt greatly encouraged as the report stated that civil aviation development has to incorporate into relative development strategies of national and local governments, both long-term and annual plannings, to establish a working format as the same step planning, unity construction and compromise development. Wang Ronghua, Director General of Department of Air Transportation of CAAC, made a speech saying that civil aviation industry development was superbly fast as it went with the current of social-economic development of China. The actual transporting power has strengthen, the transport volume has gotten bigger, but the problems that civil aviation development faces are getting more also, namely 80% of China aviation transporting tasks can only be completed within a limited 20% aero-space. Low aero-space under strict control, general aviation development is limited, and at remoted border areas and under-developed transportation areas, the emergency response is still weak due to the lack of infrastructures. These problems not only become the bottlenecks of limiting civil aviation development, it also directly affects the civil-military harmony and military air transportation modernization. On issue of sharing the air-spatial resources, Wang Ronghua believed in ordinary days, we should insist to abide mainly to economic establishment of the nation, but to meet the demands necessary for warfare at war time. Being the important component of our nation’s military transportation system, civil aviation should also utilize the resources of the nation’s transportation fully to put sharing resources a reality and to make certain that civil aviation "serves ordinarily, responses to emergencies at needy times and goes to fight at war times", that is to serve its special functions to the greatest extend. Wang Ronghua suggested that the military could consider in strengthening the pre-condition resources establishment. He also suggested to incorporate the layout planning of all civil aviation airports into the developmental planning of our nation’s combined transportation industry, to set up civilian-military cooperation mechanism on airport construction and operation protection so that civil aviation could be fully functional in military transportation system.

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