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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Li Jiaxiang Met with US Ambassador in China


July 22, 2010, Li Jiaxiang, Minister of CAAC, met upon invitation with Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., US Ambassador in China, and conducted exchange on US-China civil aviation relationship and cooperation. Li extended his welcome to the visiting Ambassador Huntsman Jr., and emphasized China valued the Sino-US relationship very much. For many years, China civil aviation had maintained a very good cooperating relationship with various departments of the US government, including the FAA, US aircraft manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Li pointed out specifically the progress on aviation safety management that China civil aviation had accomplished at recent years was largely benefited from the effective cooperation with US FAA. Li pointed out during his summary introduction of the present developing situation that China civil aviation, even with its great progress, was still a great distance apart compared to US civil aviation industry, and needed to learn from US in many aspects. He also explained simply the existing hardships and problems that China civil aviation faced. Due to the limitation on aviation space resources, major hub airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou etc. had serious congestionproblem; the demand for swift growth on domestic and foreign aviation industry could not be fulfilled effectively. As conditions became better, Li believed, some of the problems could be solved in the future. Aspects such as aircraft manufacturing, aviation management equipment and personnel training had a huge cooperating space for China and US. China civil aviation would continue to apply the optimistic and open policies to strengthen the exchange communication and cooperation of China and foreign countries, including US, in the civil aviation arena, and welcomed as well as supported foreign aviation enterprises to operate and develop civil aviation business. To facilitate the traveling of personnel between China and US, and develop Sino-US aviation transportation relationship, Li hoped US would improve the policies and agendas toward US Visa for Chinese, so as to provide convenience for more China citizens touring US or doing business. Ambassador Huntsman Jr. expressed that US-Sino relationship, he strongly believed, was one of the most important One-on-One relations. About US-Sino civil aviation relationship, he believed firstly the US-Sino civil aviation had a boundless potential on cooperation because of the huge demand of air transportation between US-China. Secondly, he congratulated China civil aviation for its prominent raising of standards on security management and service in recent years. Thirdly, China civil aviation and FAA as well as US aviation industry had maintained an excellent cooperation for many years, yet the future would be bright with commercial cooperation opportunities such as the ARJ21 and C919 aircraft. Lastly, he hoped both sides cooperated more effectively, through equality to solve some existing problems on US-China aviation transportation such as the differences on operation between Federal Express and China Southern Airlines. Li Jiangmin, Director and Han Jun, Deputy Director of the International Department, and Shi Boli, Deputy Director of Transportation Department, attended the meeting.

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