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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Zhuhai ATC Terminal Center Adjustment


April 7th is an important time node for Zhuhai Terminal Control Center which has been operating safely for eleven years. Starting now, Zhuhai ATC Terminal Center will expand 24km eastward and 15km northward on the base of its previous jurisdiction; the upper limit altitude is raised from 3,600m to 4,500m, and the control area under Zhuhai ATC Terminal Center is increased to 18,000 sq. km after the zone adjustment. Such action consolidates the airspace resource and raises the airspace usage rate that brings an active purpose of rational utilization of airspace on the South Pearl River Delta region as well as decreases flight delays.

"The adjustment of Zhuhai ATC Terminal Center makes a more rational use of the airspace resource of Pearl River Delta, will greatly ease the tense situation of PRD airspace, and lays a foundation for enhancing flight safety smoothly and reduces delays." said Wei Liang, Director of Zhuhai Terminal Control Center.

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