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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Resetting of Public Welfare of the Medical Care & Emergency Rescue of Heilongjiang Airport Group Completed


On the 24th of May, Heihe Airport and the Heihe Municipal Public Health Bureau signed the Medical Emergency Rescue Daily Security Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), marking the medical care task officially transferred to the local government and brought into the local medical support system. Thus, the Resetting of Public Welfare of the Medical Care & Emergency Rescue of the four old feeder airports of Heilongjiang Airport Group was completely finished.

The transfer of the medical care task of Heihe Airport gained great attention from the Heihe Municipal Party Committee and Heihe Municipal Government. Heihe Municipal Government held many meetings to research this matter and Heihe Airport and related functional governmental departments conducted a number of consultations and reached a consensus, that is, the airport medical care & emergency will be transferred to the local government’s management and accepted by Heihe First People’s Hospital assigned by Heihe Municipal Public Health Bureau. The Agreement includes that Heihe First People’s Hospital offers Heihe Airport daily medical emergency security, outfits ambulances, medical personnel and emergency facilities & equipments and periodically organize & participate into airport emergency response integrated or individual drilling, should be responsible for training in airport emergency response & quality and command and transfer follow-up medical care forces. Heihe Airport should provide facilities and equipments such as reserve space for medical first aids, diagnosis, treatment, rescue and emergency medical supplies, etc..

The resetting of public welfare of Heihe Airport increases its emergency response abilities and enhances its integrated security.

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