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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Civil Aviation ATC & Electronic Information Scientific Research Base Passed Construction Inspection


Recently, the Personnel, Science and Education Department of the CAAC had organized the construction inspection for the Civil Aviation ATC & Electronic Information Scientific Research Base (hereinafter referred to as the Base) in Chengdu. Jin Erwen, Director of the Civil Aviation ATC & Electronic Information Scientific Research Base and Deputy Director of The Second Research Institute of CAAC, reported the Base’s construction situation to the inspection team. The professional inspection team conducted an on-the-spot investigation on the scientific platform.

The inspection team also examined documents of the Declaration of Construction Inspection for Acceptance of the scientific base, the Report of the Construction Project Conclusion, the Report of Construction Funds Employment, the Report of the Acquaintance of the Counterpart Funds from Supporting Institutions and Report of Construction Inspection for Acceptance, and many more documents. In the end, the inspection team unanimously deemed that all the construction tasks of the Base listed in the document replied to by the CAAC had been finished and approved of the Base’s passing of the construction inspection.

The Base was constructed with heavy reliance on the Second Research Institute of the CAAC. According to the CAAC’s reply, the network synthetic test platform, the multifunction electrical control system, the research platform and development environment such as large relation data base has all been set up. The ATC technology laboratory, the electronic information technology laboratory and logistics technology laboratory has also been established. The automation application system based on small and medium ATC centers, the VHF networking technology and application system based on the ATC centers have also been researched and developed; and some strategic cooperation agreements with colleges & universities, civil aviation related units and regional departments have been signed.

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