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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Test Flight of the Newly Built Runway of Xi’ning Airport Was Successful


In August, an A320 from the China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, landed safely on the newly built runway of the Xi’ning Caojiapu Airport, which signified that the test flight of the new runway was successful.

The successful flight test of the new runway made it the first established section of the expansion project of Phase II of Xi’ning Airport. The establishment of the new runway was a significant milestone of the expansion project of Phase II of Xi’ning Airport. The completion of the new runway was a significant accomplishment as in the past, there were only runways, without taxiways and there was only one-way ILS, without center-line lights.

The Xi’ning Airport was established and came into operation in Dec., 1991. The expansion of the terminal area was finished in 2005 with the completed runway being 3000 meters long and 45 meters wide, with only one-way ILS and no parallel taxiways. In recent years, Qinghai province’s economic and social status has developed rapidly. Xi’ning Airport is the capital airport of Qinghai province. Before the expansion of 2009, its facilities and support capabilities could not meet the air transportation’s requirements for rapid growth and severely restricted the rapid growth of Qinghai’s civil aviation industry. In 2009, the Phase II expansion project had formally kicked off and on Aug. 8th, 2011 the core section of the new runway had passed the specialists’ preliminary acceptance.

The new runway was 800 meters longer than the former one with 50% more endurance. The most advanced airworthy aircraft previously was the Boeing 757- 300 with 250 seats and now the airport is capable of handling larger aircraft such as the Boeing 767-400 with 375 seats and the Airbus 330. After the new runway was put into operation, Xi’ning Airport’s problems such as lower safety operation standards, fewer types of airworthy aircraft and severe decrement of load would be resolved completely. The operation standard and safety support capacity of Xi’ning Airport would be raised dramatically and this creates a firm foundation for making Xi’ning Airport as the main airport around the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau area.

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