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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The PBN Flight Procedure Program of Xiamen Airport Succeeds

In November, led by the verification flight team, with Tang Weibin, deputy director-general of the CAAC’s East China Regional Administration, as the group leader, the PBN flight procedure program of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (Xiamen Airport for short) was a success. Performance Based Navigation (PBN) represents the developing trend in navigation technology and is an important part in the construction of the international civil aviation’s CNS/ATM system. According to the requirements in the PBN implementation route made by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and under the unified arrangements by the CAAC’s East China Regional Administration, Xiamen Airport was assigned as the first pilot airport in the east China region to carry out PBN flight. In August, 2010, the CAAC Xiamen ATC station hosted and held the first meeting of the PBN operation flight procedure design coordination conference in the Xaiman region. More than a year later, the CAAC Xiamen ATC station actively managed and coordinated between Xiamen International Airport Group and Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd. to carry out the PBN flight project. The CAAC Xiamen ATC station closely acted in concert with the Civil Aviation Flight University of China to make PBN flight procedure design for Xiamen Airport and actively coordinated with Xiamen Airlines to conduct many PBN procedure flights. By coordinating with military and civil aviation sectors, as well as the aviation communities of Taiwan and mainland China, the CAAC Xiamen ATC station adjusted and optimized the flight route network within the 200 km range of the Xiamen Airport. The southeast part of the Xiamen Airport was given clearance and airspace flexibly was issued. Therefore, the southeast part of the Xiamen Airport was opened to civil flights, and the relations problem between the southeast flight routes of Xiamen Airport and the airspace over Jinmen County had been resolved and the tense bottlenecking of airspace resources had been broken. In August, 2011, the whole project passed the examination of CAAC’s East China Regional Administration. In October, 2011, the flight simulation aircraft made a successful flight and in November, the verification flight had been finally carried out. The success of the verification flight is very meaningful for promoting the flight volume of Xiamen Airport, the flexible usage of airspace and for further pushing forward with the application of PBN technology.
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