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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

China Southern Airlines’ Last MD-90 Series Aircraft Departs from Shenyang

In November, during an aircraft replacement process at the Northern branch of China Southern Airlines Company Limited (China Southern Airlines), a MD-90 aircraft was withdrawn. By then, all 13 of China Southern Airlines’ MD-90 aircraft had been withdrawn from mainland China’s air transportation market. The MD-90 aircraft has been considered the most quiet passenger aircraft. As an aft-engined aircraft, the MD-90, relying on its long fuselage and its extra long wing span, is best known for its graceful takeoff gesture and its ability to provide a comfortable cabin environment, which is how it got the nickname, “the Air Apollo”. In the 1990s, there were 22 MD-90-30 aircraft owned by China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (China Eastern Airlines for short) and the Northern branch of China Southern Airlines. Among the 22 MD-90-30 aircraft, 9 belonged to China Eastern Airlines and 13 belonged to the Northern branch of China Southern Airlines. China Southern Airlines has planned a strategic transformation of their fleet to meet the demands of China’s aviation market, which required them to replace their aircraft. It was in November of 2010 when China Southern Airlines had started to replace their MD-90 aircraft, which they have had in use for more than 15 years. Replacing the MD-90 aircraft will be the Airbus 320 series aircraft. Up until the end of 2011, the Northern branch of China Southern Airlines will continue to operate 23 of the Airbus 320 series aircraft, among which 7 will be the A321 aircraft, 10 will be the A320 aircraft and 6 will be the A319 aircraft.
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