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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Feasibility Reports for Building a New Terminal in Wenzhou Airport are Approved

In October, the feasibility reports related to building a new terminal in Wenzhou Yongqiang International Airport (Wenzhou Airport for short) got approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission. The project will start in the near future, and will last for 3 years. After the new terminal is established, the total terminal area will be five times that of the existing area. The existing terminal in Wenzhou Airport is the T1 terminal and it takes up an area of 23 thousand square meters. The new T2 terminal will be built to the south of the T1 terminal and will take up an area of 100 thousand square meters, four times that of the T1 terminal, as is stated in the layout plans. Costing 923 million yuan, the T2 terminal is planned to meet an annual passenger throughput 13 million people. The T2 terminal is designed as a three-short-finger gallery-type structure - like an “E” if looking from above - and it will have two stories. There will be a greeting area, baggage claim, boarding lounges for remote aircraft stands, VIP lounges and more on the first story. In the inter layer between the first story and the second story, there will be passages, a VIP hall and entertainment area and so on. On the second story, there will be departure halls, ticket offices, a departure lounge area, first-class lounge area and a business class area, comprehensive commercial area, a catering area and so on. After the T2 terminal is completely built, it will be used for the arrival and departure of local passengers and the existing T1 will be re-built for arrivals and departures for international passengers. In addition to becoming the center building in Wenzhou Airport, the T2 terminal will also be an important part of the integrated traffic hub in the east of the Wenzhou city and will fuse with the long-distance bus stations, raid transit stations, urban bus station, markets, restaurants, office buildings, recreational facilities and more. Currently, the preliminary examination for land use, program design, site selection and the overall layout plans of the T2 terminal project have all be finished. Now the project has entered into the stage of the preliminary project design, project bidding and policy process. As was introduced, in the recent years, the volume of Wenzhou Airport has increased rapidly. Therefore, the T1 terminal is in the state of overload operation. In the coming years, Wenzhou Airport will grow to become an important trunk airport locally, an international scheduled flights airport and a large civil aviation airport. As is predicted, by 2020, Wenzhou Airport’s passenger throughput will reach 13 million, so the terminal area in Wenzhou Airport should be expanded to 131 thousand square meters to meet its future use requirements.
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