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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Business Aviation: Facilitating Growth

In today’s world, the use of business aircraft is a vital tool for success. Around the globe, the most respected companies utilize business aircraft to accomplish their goals and expand their businesses. In fact, a study conducted in the US in 2009 showed that the average annual earnings of the S&P 500 companies that use business aircraft grew 434% faster than the average annual earnings of the companies that did not use business aircraft. While there is no guarantee that using business aircraft will bring exactly these results, there are definite reasons why business aircraft often go together with success. What are some of the reasons that companies use business aircraft, and what are the benefits they realize? While no two companies are exactly alike and their reasons for using aircraft are not exactly alike, many benefits can be realized by using business aircraft. Some of the reasons cited by companies that currently use business aircraft include (but are not limited to) the following: Greater productivity---Management is able to accomplish more in less time. With business aircraft key decision-makers can travel between many offices, factories, and/or corporate locations, as well as visit clients, suppliers, and undertake many meetings without having to wait on airline schedules. Handling unexpected problems---In any large enterprise unexpected problems can arise from time to time. Using business aviation can mean that someone can get out to handle the situation as soon as possible, before it affects the business adversely. Confidentiality---A key benefit is that when business management travels to and from meetings, they can prepare beforehand, or discuss the situation afterwards on the business aircraft knowing that no one else is listening in on their conversation. This is very important when strategizing for a meeting or discussing confidential issues. Traveling by business aircraft provides unparalleled privacy. Demonstrating confidence---When management arrives at their destination aboard the company’s business aircraft, the client can see right away that the company is confident in its ability to perform. To suppliers it can indicate that the company is a company they want to do business with. Making an investment in business aircraft indicates to others that the company is focused on achievement and getting things done. Responding to opportunities---Many times, the best opportunities are the ones that arise suddenly. A business aircraft can provide management with the ability to respond quickly to opportunities that arise; while at one meeting, an opportunity somewhere else may arise and management can rapidly change its plans without having to succumb to pre-established airline schedules. Do only companies in certain industries use business aircraft? Companies in nearly every industry use business aircraft. Companies that are growing and need to reach their facilities, suppliers and/or clients, whether domestically or in locations abroad, find that using business aircraft enables them to grow faster and respond more quickly---often faster than a competitor that does not use business aircraft. This is true for companies in retail and wholesale businesses, for companies involved in mining or technology, for companies involved in medicine or manufacturing….companies in nearly every industry can benefit from using business aircraft. And individuals that own or manage many businesses find that using business aircraft enables them to manage their companies, and their lives, more efficiently. How can I know if using business aircraft is right for my business? Every company, every enterprise has a unique set of factors to consider with respect to the needs and potential uses of an aircraft. For some, it is important to be able to travel long distances and rest while traveling. For others, there are many sites to visit that are located only a few hundred kilometers from each other. Others, still, may need to travel frequently back and forth from the same few locations, but meetings often run late and airline schedules are difficult to work with. Still other companies may have only the occasional need for the benefits that business aircraft can provide. If your business is growing and you are finding yourself and others in your enterprise traveling constantly, it may be time to consider using business aircraft. There are many different types of business aircraft available, and there are also a number of options available for using business aircraft. It is possible to charter business aircraft, buy shares of an aircraft, or buy an entire aircraft, which you can have complete control over. For the past twenty-five years, Avicor Aviation Inc., an international aviation consulting firm with clients around the world has specialized in assisting companies and individuals in making the right business aircraft choices. Avicor works with each company or individual on a consulting basis to determine first whether it is most suitable to charter, own shares, or own an entire aircraft. If a decision is made to own shares or an entire aircraft, then a thorough process is utilized to determine which of the several hundred available types of business aircraft is best suited to the needs and budget of the company or individual. Finally, Avicor assists with the entire aircraft purchasing process, including making sure that the aircraft is properly registered and insured, assisting with hiring flight crew and making on-going maintenance arrangements as needed. As the range of available aircraft is wide and the needs of each client are different, it is important to make an informed decision when it comes to business aircraft. Aircraft can be an expensive investment and operating aircraft not suited to your needs and budget can be both costly and frustrating. In the same manner that acquiring a new business, establishing a new factory, or making other major business decisions, it is wise to seek knowledgeable and experienced counsel when making decisions about business aircraft.
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