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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

International Air Rally


The International Air Rally (IAR for short) is an international flight competition hosted by the Aviation Connection. The Aviation Connection is a non-profit organization with the goal to promote General Aviation around the globe. The IAR was created back in 2001 and since then, the IAR has been in over 100 locations, such as Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean Islands and in Latin America, including the French territories of St-Pierre, Miquelon and French Antilles.
Since the first IAR in 2001, the organizing committee has known no borders, no nationalities and no limits; from the remote wilderness of the northern territories of Canada and the Arctic, to the islands of the Caribbean. To date, over 500 pilots and aviation enthusiasts have travelled across Canada, the USA, the Caribbean and Latin America as a part of the IAR.During the IAR, pilots are confronted with questions regarding safety, navigation and air transport regulations. The competition aims to increase awareness and familiarize pilots with flying procedures while exposing them to continuously changing flying conditions such as weather, atmospheric pressure and landscape, as well as familiarize themselves with communications and navigation procedures, during a period ranging from 10 to 15 days. The intervention of the defense ministry of native affairs (fuel, lodging, landing fields, etc..) makes this event an unique experience. For example, in 2010, during the Caribbean air challenge, pilots were confronted with crossing 7-10 borders in the course of 15 days. The IAR
motivates pilots to expand their horizons while honing their aviation skills in the company of experienced and highly qualified pilots. Furthermore, by flying with professional experienced pilots, the new pilots can improve their flying techniques. Way point identification, precision landing, flying time and fuel consumption evaluations, are all a part of this exciting and exhilarating activity. In addition, ground competitions related to both culture and history creates a good opportunity for pilots to familiarize themselves with the
destinations they are visiting.
The IAR provides an opportunity to showcase both general aviation and local tourism with the help of the local Tourism Agencies and aerospace partners. The IAR has been playing a major role in the promoting of general aviation to the general population since day one. Just think about what an impact seeing over 20 aircraft landing with 50-60 people onboard from different countries has, especially with the youth, who get to meet the pilots upon arrival. When they are permitted by the local authorities, the pilots often propose free initiation flights for the children.
Every year during the IAR, there are journalists onboard to document the whole event. It is covered annually by the largest aviation magazines from across 5 different continents. Over 80 Million people from 4 continents have witnessed the adventures through TV documentaries, radio talk shows and extensive articles (stories with pictures) published in both magazines and newspapers. To date, 3 documentaries have been broadcasted for Canadian and US television networks. A full story and video of the event is produced
every year and posted on the official website as a reference for pilots looking for unique and safe destinations. The IAR is often invited as a special guest to air shows across the Caribbean and Latin America.
In April of 2012, the GOVERNOR GENERAL’S CUP CARIBBEAN AIR CHALLENGE 2012 will be held, and four young pilots from Canada, Australia and the USA will participate in this 15 day journey at no cost. This year, the China Civil Aviation Report will attend The Martinique Air Show. During that occasion, pilots will form groups according to aircraft type and
proceed in a group formation at an altitude of 500 ft, over the island of Martinique. One of our committee members, a recently retired fighter pilot, will be responsible for the coordination of the flight. A film crew onboard will cover the air rally for a 13 episode documentary for Canadian television.
This year at the 2012 GOVERNOR GENERAL’S CUP CARIBBEAN AIR CHALLENGE, our publisher here at the China Civil Aviation Report, Mr. Francis Chao, will be onboard to document and report on the entire event which will be a feature article in our next issue of the CCAR. The upcoming feature article will cover this amazing event in detail. Please
don’t miss out on our full coverage of this spectacular event in our next issue. The schedule of events for this year’s 2012 IAR is as follows:

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