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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Baggage handling system unveiled for Beijing Airport T3


Representatives from the Beijing Urban Construction Group introduced the baggage handling system of Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport, consisting of departure, transfer and arrival baggage handling systems. The system covers the Terminal 3-A main building, the baggage tunnel joining the T3A main building with the T3B international lounge corridor, and the corresponding area of the T3B international lounge corridor. The whole baggage handling system has a total length of about 66 kilometers. The departure baggage handling system consists of 11 check-in islands (including a total of 292 check-in counters), eight main conveyors, 22 sorter lead-in lines, four sorters, 37 sets of sorting carrying turntable, and four express baggage transport lines. The transfer baggage handling system consists of two check-in islands to be used for transferring international baggage to the domestic area, four sets of transfer baggage conveyor lines for direct transfer of domestic to domestic and domestic to international, and two sets of transfer baggage lead-in conveyor lines for direct transfer of international to international and related control boxes. The arrival baggage handling system consists of 17 sets of baggage claim turntables and 30 corresponding arrival loading lines and control boxes. To assure the success of the adjustment of the passenger baggage handling system, BUCG’s Airport EPC Department organized and coordinated units such as Siemens to test 800 parcels and 2,000 parcels on the single system. An operational test of 8,000 parcels was also made for the passenger baggage handling system of the Terminal 3 main building.

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