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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

COSTIND issues the developing goals of “11th Five-Year Plan” for China Civil Aviation Industry


The Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense (Costind) held its national civil aviation industry statistics work meeting in Beijing on June 26. Deputy Director General Jin Zhuanglong summarized the status of China civil aviation industry’s developments, and presented the goals and tasks of the civil aviation industry under the 11th Five-Year Plan. Since the 10th Five-Year period, China’s civil aviation industry has made great progress in civil aircraft research, international cooperation, subcontract production and sales. The civil aviation industry progressed and 25 civil aircraft pre-stage research projects gained acceptance. During the 11th Five-Year Plan, China will focus on civil aviation products, industrialization, research and production capabilities and enhancement of industry management. It will also strive for the coordination of the military and civil aviation, and develop the new regional aircraft, jumbo aircraft, helicopter, engine and airborne equipment and expand subcontracting. During this period, the civil aviation industry will realize major achievements in five areas. First, focus on civil aviation products, including jumbo aircraft, new regional aircraft, new helicopter, general aircraft, civil aviation engine and airborne equipment. Second, facilitate the progress of civil aviation industrialization, expediting the civil aviation aircraft industry development, doubling the sales income for civil aircraft, expanding civil aviation parts subcontracting productions, and developing aviation maintenance. Third, increase civil aviation research and production capabilities, focusing on R&D platforms for high-level jumbo aircraft, regional aircraft, helicopter, general aircraft, aviation engine, comprehensive airborne system, and transmission system. Fourth, enhance the innovation capability, organize civil aircraft pre-stage research, further push an aviation technology proofing plan, and actively advance aviation production digitalization. And last, carry out government responsibilities and further enhance industry management.

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