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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

A380 hangar framework construction completed


Ameco Beijing’s A380 is halfway through its completion as structural and equipment installation is now in full swing. The 8,770-ton roof of the A380 hangar, which measures 352.6 meters long and 114.5 meters wide, has been lifted 30 meters high after its 14-month assembly on the ground. All the huge pipes and pre-installed equipment were fixed onto the framework. A total of 45 lifting points and 138 jacks were chosen and allocated based on the structure. Real-time computer control was used to ensure that the roof could be lifted to the intended height. The lifting process took a total of 9 days. The construction of the A380 hangar dates back to September 2006, and is scheduled for completion in March 2008. The A380 hangar is expected to be used before the Beijing Olympic Games next year. The hangar, which can accommodate all Boeing and Airbus series aircraft including the present A380 “superjumbo” aircraft, will be the biggest aircraft maintenance hangar in Asia. The hangar, which can house up to six wide-body and four narrow-body aircraft at one time, is expected to maintain 11,500 flights annually. Ameco has received board approval to construct a new hangar of the same size alongside the construction of the A380 hangar.

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