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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

New airport in Yulin to open March 2008


Yuyang Airport, the newest airport in Yulin in China’s central province of Shanxi, is expected to commence operation by the end of March. It is located in the west side of Changhanjie Village, Xiaojihan Town, in the northwest portion of downtown Yulin. It has a distance of approximately 15.5 kilometers from Yulin’s city center and would be the second airport in Yulin after Xisha Airport. The new airport, which began construction in December 2005, was built with a 2,800-meter-long and 45-meter-wide runway, capable of accommodating the landings and takeoffs of large B737 family, A319 and A320 aircraft. It was designed to handle a passenger volume of 350,000 and cargo and mail volume of 900 tons yearly. Yulin’s newest hub falls under the classification of a 4C grade civil regional airport. The first airport in Yulin, Xisha Airport, which started service in 1988, contributed immensely in advancing the city’s local economy and society. Since it was put into operation two decades ago, the airport has played a significant role in the rapid development of Yulin’s national energy resource and chemical industry base. The planned expansion of Xisha Airport was suspended when it failed to meet current requirements for development. It can no longer be expanded to accommodate the rapid demand and growing capacity of the city’s air transport needs. Instead, the city government of Yulin invested in the development of a second airport to augment the pressing constraint. A total amount of RMB 500 million was spent for the construction of the Yuyang Airport.

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