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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Jiangxi Branch ATMB upgrades OTE equipment


Jiangxi Branch Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) successfully completed the upgrade of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) radio equipment of Nanchang on February 19th. The Technology Support Department of Jiangxi Branch ATMB supervised the team of local and foreign technicians from its Equipment Department and the OTE Company in upgrading the system software and hardware of OTE equipment in Nanchang. The Greece’s OTE Company, in cooperation with the Equipment Department, upgraded Nanchang’s six information channels, 24 receivers and transmitter equipment from January 23rd to the 26th. The remote control and monitoring (RCM) surveillance system were upgraded on February 18th until its successful completion on February 19th. The six-day upgrade works were carried out before dawn to avoid disrupting the normal operations of the Shanghai Regional Control Center. The Shanghai Regional Control Center mainly used the OTE radio, which is regional control equipment. The baseline version of this equipment has a lower capacity rate, making it prone to interference. After a combined study of the OTE Company and domestic air traffic control technicians, a new baseline version was developed. The newest version was then used in upgrading all OTE equipment in the East China region. Nanchang is the third station in East China to receive the OTE equipment upgrade. Shanghai and Huangshan earlier received upgrades of the new baseline version, now being fully implemented by the Jiangxi Branch ATMB. The system upgrade will modernize the OTE equipment in the Nanchang area and will improve the stability, anti-interference and voice quality of the air traffic control. The upgrade is expected to enhance the flow of air traffic control work in the region.

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