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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Shenyang earns maintenance training certificate


The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) awarded Shenyang Maintenance Base Mechanic Training Center its certificate for passing the CCAR Part 147, the regulation on civil aircraft maintenance training organizations. The awarding of the certification makes Shenyang Maintenance Base one of the leading training organizations in China and the first large civil jetliner maintenance training unit in the Northeast China area. The CCAR 147 certification makes it qualified to compete with other training organizations in China, such as Boeing and Airbus. It can also provide aviation maintenance training for persons with CCAR-66 civil aircraft maintenance license or part maintenance license, and can now handle training for all aircraft models. CCAR Part 147 is a rule issued by the CAAC to regulate management and supervision of civil aircraft maintenance personnel training organizations, and to cultivate qualified aircraft personnel. With the new certification, the Mechanic Training Center of Shenyang is now fully in line with the standards of China’s civil aviation industry. Shenyang’s Base could build up outside training to advance its programs for development. The certificate shows that Shenyang Maintenance Base Mechanic Training Center has achieved a high standard in civil aircraft maintenance training. It has earned its award through its efforts and commitment in perfecting its preparatory works. This currently lightens the pressure on aircraft type training of China Southern Airlines. In addition, the Base will help provide a training platform to develop more qualified maintenance technicians for China’s civil aviation.

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