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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

NDRC approves feasibility report of Qinghai Yushu Civil Airport


On February 28th, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the feasibility report for the Qinghai Yushu Civil Airport in China’s province of Qinghai. The feasibility report contains relevant details of the proposed civil airport construction project. Based on the report, Qinghai Yushu was designed according to the requirement of passenger throughput of 80,000 person times and cargo and mail throughput of 375 tons per year. The project targets 2015 as the completion year. The main construction plan will include a category 4C flight area with a runway measuring a total of 3,800 meters long, and a terminal building with a total area of 2,000 sq. m. Service facilities including heating, power, water and gas supply, control tower, auxiliary production and life facilities will also be established. The construction of a fuel facility has been postponed. Yushu Civil Airport has entered into its full implementation stage with an investment of a total project cost of approximately RMB 558 million for its development. Qinghai Provincial Civil Airports Co. Ltd. holds the responsibility for project implementation and management. The initial design and budget estimation report for the construction and development of the proposed Qinghai Yushu Civil Airport are underway.

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