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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Beijing airspace and terminal area passes general inspection acceptance


The first stage retrofit project of the Beijing airspace and terminal area passed the general inspection acceptance of the Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on March 14th. ATMB of the CAAC organized the industry inspection and acceptance of the Beijing airspace and terminal area to ensure that the facility meet its required standard. The retrofit is a key project of the CAAC and is included in China’s civil aviation project for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The design, build, construction, supervision, and utilization departments of the North China ATMB, and the General Station for Special Project Quality Supervision of the CAAC participated in the general inspection of the airspace and terminal area of Beijing. Vice Director Lu Xiaoping of the ATMB of the CAAC, Party Secretary Wang Zhan of the North China ATMB, and Engineer Peng Ailan of the Airport Department of the CAAC, attended the inspection acceptance. Also in attendance during the acceptance works were Vice Director Mu Yang of the North China ATMB, and officers of related departments of the ATMB of the CAAC and the North China ATMB. The main construction includes 17 projects. These include Suzhuang primary/secondary radar station, Baihuashan secondary radar station, Capital Airport VHF remote control station, No. 200 VHF remote control station, Xishan and Baihuashan VHF remote control stations, and an automatic system project, including the automatic emergency system. It also includes system projects such as voice switching and control, voice data recording, air traffic control (ATC) data sharing synthesized information, and integrated weather information. The multipoint related surveillance system, air traffic management building UPS power supply, automatic relay installation and the newly added 12-channel VHF system, G220 voice switching and control system retrofit, and expanding content of integrated information extending service terminal of the BCIA T3 building were also included in the project. The Beijing airspace and terminal area retrofit project utilized a total land area of 8.7 acres, with a total floor area of 1,744 sq. m. used in construction. A total area of 2,490 sq. m. of roads was constructed and 3,750 sq. m. of land area were cleared to house the project. The project also invested in and installed 22 sets of various air traffic management systems. The retrofit project, which began construction in September of 2005, lasted for two and a half years. It was finally completed in February 2008. The project’s completion is expected to improve the capacity of Beijing airspace and the BCIA area. It will increase and improve the emergency system of the Beijing regional control center, air traffic safety securing capability, and further promote the military and civil aviation flight unified control within the Beijing terminal area.

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