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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Safety audit symposium held in Chengdu


The Southwest Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Administration of China held the Civil Aviation Southwest Area Aviation Safety Audit Symposium on March 25 to discuss the current and future aviation security work in China. In his speech, Tan Zhanggao, vice director of the SRA, presented four requirements needed to ensure aviation safety:. First, it should enhance awareness of risk and responsibility, enhance mental mobilization and unify team thoughts, consider the importance of aviation security audit, and organization of audit work. Second, it should establish an aviation security audit office and an audit preparation plan, and confirm the procedure and work goals. Third, the auditor should insist on practical and fair audit principles, and ensure real and effective result of aviation security audit. Last, the unit that has passed the security audit should continue strengthening aviation security work. Dai Furong, director of the Public Security Bureau, remobilized and rearranged CAAC’s 10 special aviation security measures and 35 requirements to complete inspection of aviation security management. Li Tian, vice director of the Public Security Bureau, also attended the symposium.

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