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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Emergency drill meeting held


The Flight Information System Emergency Drill preparatory meeting of the Civil Aviation Administration of China was held in Guangzhou on June 16. Attending the meeting were Vice Director Wang Liya of the Air Traffic Management Bureau, Director Miao Xuan of the Air Traffic Management Department of ATMB, Party Secretary of Information Center Wang Ting, Vice Director Zhang Da of the Central South Regional ATMB, and other leaders of flight information departments from all regions. Participants at the meeting discussed the reports of all regional flight information departments on emergency preparatory work during the Olympic Games period. At the meeting Wang said that during the Olympic Games, flight information service work will be challenging. First, he said, there will be more aircraft flying into China, including business jets, increasing the flight information volume. He added that the flight program for the Olympic Games is different from a regular situation since foreign carriers might not be familiar with the Chinese situation. Wang added that the all-flight information service network will face heavy pressure on aviation security. If the network is attacked, he said, flight safety and efficiency will be in danger. He requested that all prepare in advance for unforeseen events during the Games. Even while an emergency situation occurs, the whole system can keep operating through coordination and equipment support which can provide important and timely flight information to aircraft.

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