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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

ACP completion report almost done


The completion report on the China-US Aviation Cooperation Project (ACP) Air Traffic Flow Management Prophase Joint Prepared Research Project is almost finished.
The China work group is responsible for the technical center of the Air Traffic Management Bureau. Its members consist of various ATMB departments, subordinate units and the regional control centers of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The third China-US joint workgroup meeting was held on June 23-25. Attendees included representatives from the ATMB, China workgroup, United States Federal Aviation Administration, Mitre Corp., Metron, Volpe Center, Boeing and CSC. At the meeting, Vice Director Lu Xiaoping of the ATMB stressed the importance of flow management system for air traffic management development. She said the ACP workgroup should actively handle air traffic management requirements and the development of new technology and cooperate to promote the development of China’s air traffic flow management system. Lu added that the US can help in this area as it has an advanced flow management system, and that US experts can provide China with advanced technology, experience and lessons on development. She said the research report should be based on operation environment, the technical situation, and operation standards and programs to satisfy China’s requirements for development. At the meeting, the Chinese and US ACP work groups summarized the operation concept, system requirements, system frames and processes and content of the final report.

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