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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Xinjiang Province to Undergo Intensive Airport Construction


Xinjiang will retrofit and build Yining, Turpan, Kuche, and Shihezi regional airports within next two years, including the three airports that are under construction. Xinjiang is in the golden age of their airport building and in the final two years of the “11th Five-Year Plan” (2006-2010).
Recently, The CAAC agreed to adopt Shihezi Airport and Bole Airport into the “11th Five-Year Plan” earlier than originally planned. There will be 8 airports in Xinjiang in the next two years, including Urumqi International Airport (which is in the third phase of its expansion project), the Kashi airport expansion, and the re-opening of the Hami airport (currently proceeding). At present, Xinjiang possess 13 general aviation airports (Urumqi, Kashi, Hetian, Yining, A Letai, Ku Erle, Tacheng, A Kesu, Kuche, Qiemo, Kelamayi, Nalati, Kanasi), and a non-op airport (Fuyun). The total number of airports in Xinjiang will reach 17, so Xinjiang will become the province which has the largest number of regional airports in China. After the completion of these projects, a hub-and-spoke network is to be established in Xinjiang, centered at Urumiqi International Airport, connecting regional airports in northern, southern and eastern Xinjiang. Urumiqi International Airport will initially serve as the western gateway. It will be an important international air passage for China, connecting to Central Asia, Western Asia, Southern Asia – and connecting Asia to Europe.

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