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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Heilongjiang Province Announce Air Traffic Management Plan


Jiamusi in the Province of Heilongjiang is facing major congestion in the sky. The city currently has three airports fighting for airspace, Jiamusi Airport, Jiaxi General Aviation Airport, and Yichun General Aviation Airport. The Jiaxi General Aviation Airport is the flight base to Longken General Aviation Company, which operates over 40 light aircraft. The Jiamusi government is worried about an overcrowded airspace during spring-summer agricultural operations and spring-autumn forest protection efforts. The increase of general aviation activity has strained local government flight traffic control abilities.
The Jiamusi Airport ATC department has undertaken several measures to address the conflict. The department will first assess the situation and address the principal distinctions between business and general aviation. Second, the ATC of all three airports will enter into an ATC agreement based on a new, more efficient schedule. Finally, the three airports will designate airspace for aircraft to queue up when there are traffic conflicts. Finally, all three ATC centers will utilize the same air-to-land frequency communications, and they will be able to track the movements of the other facilities. By optimizing and incorporating a set of uniform policies, the three airports look to ensure proper growth while maintaining safety in the Jiamusi airspace.

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