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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Li Jiaxiang, Wang Changshun at 2009 Air Traffic Control Systems Seminar


The 2009 Air Traffic Control Systems Seminar was held 8-9 January 2009 in Beijing. Minister Li Jiaxiang and Vice-Minister Wang Changshun were present and made keynote speeches. Su Langen, Director General of ATMB, Zhou Yizhou, Party Secretary of ATMB, also attended the meeting and made a report.
Li Jiaxiang fully affirmed the achievements in 2008 in air traffic control systems. He said that air traffic control systems were being established according to the overall policy idea, enjoying advantages of integrated deployment, and that, despite several difficulties and dangers, weather disaster impact was minimized, especially during the earthquake relief mission and the Olympic Games. A number of advanced collectives and individuals emerged, such as Operations Center of CAAC and ATMB, North China ATMB and Southwest China ATMB, et al., obtaining central leadership recognition and commendation. Also, the ICAO made China’s RVSM High-Altitude Equipment Standards into International Civil Aviation Standards, the first time for such a move in the history of Chinese civil aviation. Direct air routes cross-strait were opened smoothly, which wrote a new chapter in cross-strait history. Air traffic control integration construction is proceeding smoothly, and the underlying administrative and financial management systems have strengthened. Wang Changshun attended the meeting and delivered a speech affirming the performance of ATC systems in 2008, and put forward specific demands for 2009 air traffic control work: "to do a good job on RVSM lateral bias procedures implementation, improve the service level while minimizing flow control, and strengthen and attach great attention to equipment risk awareness." Su Langen, Director General of ATMB, reviewing the achievements of air traffic control systems in 2008, also mentioned key work in 2009: "take effective measures to treat human factors in depth, promote the quality supervision system in construction, and strive to enhance the quality of air traffic control operation and management."

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