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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

PC Graphic Simulation in Aviation Safety Area Researched and Realized


The Center of Aviation Safety Technology of the CAAC (CAST) has been researching a PC graphic simulation in the aviation safety area since 2004. Through tremendous technical preparation and research, they developed the PC based aviation safety interactive 3D graphic flying simulation system, EasyFlight. The system has totally independent intellectual property rights at the international level, and it is the first interactive PC simulation platform developed in China. Using data collected by the recorder, the EasyFlight system can generate simulating graphic enlivenments, i.e. aircraft, runway, terrain, sky, instruments, flight tracks, 2D texts, weather, special effects and aerial maps, and accurately and vividly simulate the real flight situation, i.e. flight tracks and postures, landing gears and position of flight control surface, cockpit instrument indicators and cockpit voice. At the same time, the EasyFlight system also can provide assistant functions, i.e. data handling, parameter curve plotter, runway and terrain generation, and the overlapping display over the aerial map. The system is eminently practical, having been applied for the replay and case studies of many major accidents and flight incidents. It also has been used in all kinds of unsafe event analyses and airline daily operations monitoring, and provides a useful tool of analysis for safety in the industry.

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