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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

National air traffic control meeting kicks off in Chengdu


The national air traffic control meeting kicked off in Chengdu on Feb. 20th. Civil Aviation Administration Deputy Administrator Wang Changshun and National Air Traffic Control Committee Deputy Director Meng Guoping delivered important speeches at the meeting.
Other high-ranking aviation officials also gave work reports. CAAC Air Traffic Management Bureau Party Committee Secretary Zhou Yizhou presided over the meeting and gave a concluding speech. Last year, the ATC system has overseen the take-offs and landings of 4,770,000 vehicles, an increase of 7.6 percent, and 1,816 special or critical flights In face of snow storms, earthquake relief and the Olympics test, the air traffic control system’s emergency response mechanism kicked into gear immediately to support the system-wide mobilization of personnel and equipment. Southwest and Northwest ATMB cadres and workers are not afraid of sacrifice and remained steadfast in their missions. The southwest bureau was able to install a temporary command post in only 30 minutes after the earthquake, reopen Shuangliu Airport seven hours after the tremor and return to ATC tower within 36 hours. Over the first three days after the quake, Shuangliu airport serviced a record of 531 sorties in a single day. Air traffic control cadres and workers acted in the CAAC’s spirit to bring relief personnel and supplies to the disaster areas as quickly as possible. Wang stressed that the air traffic control management needs to understand and firmly establish the concept of sustainable security to maintain safety consistently throughout the aviation system and in all its aspects of civil aviation. Wang also emphasized that air traffic controllers should focus on averting crashes by implementing measures that help minimize mid-air collisions. Wang also stated that this year, they plan to speed up the construction of the ATC center and the Meteorological Center. Construction of Chengdu, Xi’an, Shenyang and Urumqi’s regional control center is also to be speed up as well as the infrastructure construction of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou’s major terminal control centers.

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